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Earnings error

Ever since update my earnings always say earning update error. And they can’t be displayed. App is very buggy

Muchos errores en esta aplicación

Muchos errores en las ganancias


All Uber driver app was better than these it’s such a terrible many times it doesn’t show was Our earnings so I want to say but it was old app




I’m not getting tip notifications, so I can’t get my tips 😩


Need extra cash get on it!


I am trying to download app and the app is stuck in download mold. This has been over 24 hours downloading.

everything is great except...

the gps navigation is useless

Uber encourages rider assault

Uber actually encourages rider assault. They take no responsibility for the actions of riders. If you request information on a rider that assisted you they protect that rider. Uber does not care about drivers they only care about their bottom line. If you get assaulted in the process and they still meet their bottom line even better. Stay away from Uber, it is not worth any amount of money to drive for a company that encourages rider assault.

Fixing problems should be the main priority

Instant pay is never working, yes I need my money so I can refuel, I drive all weekend long, I dont have the money to keep gassing up my car out of my regular job pay check. You guys are making money and not doing nothing I would do all I could to keep that going

Best over every other app out there !!

Amazing experience love being a Uber driver 🙏🏼

Great experience!

I’m enjoying it!


Easy to use.


This app keeps turning on Uber eats automatically without me knowing. Several times now I have accepted meal requests not realizing that they were meal requests, and have wasted my time and gas driving to the place, and waited outside only to look down and see I was in Uber eats mode. I keep cancelling the trips because I have NOT turned on Uber eats. Purely disgusting that you think turning it on automatically is going to somehow get me to do it. You have not only waste my time, but also the person who ordered the meal. How on earth do you not even give a heads up that you turned on Uber eats? I can assure you that each time this happens I will cancel the trip. The way you guys keep forcing this Uber eats is precisely why I don’t do it. Stop with the annoying notification telling me to turn it on, and especially stop TURNING IT ON AUTOMATICALLY!!! I will do Uber eats if I want to, and if this is the way it is going to be I will request an opt out and won’t drive for Uber Eats ever again.

Lyft is better

Better for drivers and passengers!


The new way of computing our pay is not clear. I been tallying my pay for the week, from Monday 12p to Tuesday 12p. Anyway, I never come up with what I get paid, it feels that I’m always short. The way the the app showed before it was exactly what I would get paid. I put in my hours and my gas and car and give the beat customer service that I can and it’s not paying off. I’m very discouraged at this time

Why tips are so rare (Eats)

When doing deliveries, I go above and beyond for the customer, but I almost never get a tip. I have found that this is because the option to tip does not appear for the customer until many minutes after the order has been delivered. Plus, the customer must first rate the driver to be able to place a tip. If they choose not to rate the driver, which most people can't be bothered to do, then the prompt disappears and they'll never even have the option to tip. If you are paying for the food through the app, you would also assume there would be a clearly visible place to include a tip after the order is completed, but customers are not told that they must first rate the driver if they wish to tip them. This is unfair to both the driver and to the customer who wants to compensate their driver for good service! Uber, I will change my rating to 5 stars if you would please just make the tipping prompt the first thing the customer sees immediately when the order is completed! It doesn't make sense any other way... In the meantime I'll be applying to GrubHub.

Guess I can only do Lyft

3 weekend I haven’t been able to cash out. Spent whole day driving so I could pay a bill on time. Just have instant pay down or unavailable. I understand things happen but this is third weekend in a month. Not being able have access means I can’t get the money I need for gas. Which means I cant make money. Is Uber going do anything to Compensate for this of course not. So I’m officially sighed up for Lyft. And it’s now day 3 of not being able get paid I’m done with uber


Given that this is a driver’s tool, it should strive to stay in sync with other more advanced navigation tools. For two consecutive nights, the app failed to capture road closures due to road work. It is a good thing riders in both instance were familiar with the route.



The absolute worst employee support

The individuals that work at employee support for Uber are by far the most ignorant people I’ve ever had to deal with. They can never Deviate from their script because they are so stupid and have no idea what’s going on. You will never get a straight answer from them. They all either lie or are so stupid they don’t know how to fix situations.

Needs improvement

Very clunky and not user friendly in my opinion

Uber Eats not working

Made sure both driving and eats settings were on. I haven’t received an Eats request in over a month. Happened right after one of the updates.

Add some items

I want to add a) Edit info b)Daily Cash Collected in my iOS app Please as early as possible

I like driving with Uber, there are a few issues

I’ve been with Uber for a few weeks now and I gotta say I like it. However, I’ve been facing a few issues in the app. For example, the payments don’t update very fast so I can’t track my earnings as accurately as I want. Then there’s receiving a Request. More often than I like to, the app glitches out saying there’s a problem and so I end up loses requests. Honestly, I prefer UberX over Delivery for a few reasons. For One with UberX, you rarely have to get out the car. Deliveries are especially bad when the customer requests deliveries to apartment buildings with No elevator and they live on a high floor. People who do that have no regard for the driver and should not use Uber. All in all, 4 stars.

Fun meeting people

I have enjoyed driving for the last few days! Enjoying all the different people and their stories. Fun way to make a little $$ in my free time. 😊👍

Am I making a real profit?

After working to help riders get around town , I have not yet determined if I am making a clear profit when tax time comes. Editing proper deductions with a daily audit sheet is important for me to make for next years filling. Things like; gas , tolls not covered by Uber ,and miles driving to return home , meals while working in addition to carwash and cleaning just to name a number of things to have accurate not estimated amounts for deductions. I appreciate Uber’s tax information available, but I need more and am working on the Real Profit question?


The new app is awful. Especially how low the volume of the pings are. I miss so many requests because of it

Win win situation

Riders consider Uber a freedom path and I consider it a schedule freedom.

Profile picture

I keep loading my profile picture & it disappears all the time!

New surge formula is not reasonable!!!

New surge prices are not reasonable. For example the app shows you +$3 next trip (MINIMUM SURGE). Now whether you get a ride with 1 mile, or you get a ride with 15 miles, you earn extra $3 for the surge. Rarely it happens you earn couple of dollars more than minimum surge. I can’t understand the formula. It must be vary based on distance and time when it says that’s the minimum surge. This kind of surging just is good for very short rides, otherwise that’s not make sense.


For one I can’t go online anymore bc the app keeps sayin choose an eligible vehicle in my city when I have a Toyota RAV4 that is registered & insured in my city & I'm only delivering for Uber Eats & as far as I knew I didn’t need no souped up vehicle just to deliver no food. Second the stupid app keeps askin me for a selfie when I already have an accepted, active picture on my profile that I literally just uploaded. Idk what the problem is but it needs to be fixed ASAP.




So...you guys got rid of Pandora in the app. But you gave everybody a free month of Pandora Premium. That’s cool. Or...it would be, if I wasn’t somehow ineligible for the upgrade. What exactly does me having had a free trial before have to do with you taking Pandora out of your app?? Pandora Premium didn’t work in the Uber app, anyway.


Not a sufficient amount of pay for travel

Issues galore!

Bring back the old app! It was way better then this new one! Keeps crashing, never can see weekly earnings without going into it three or four times, not showing me in queues, lags, and at times won’t show that I accepted a request!

I love Uber

I love Uber

Uber is all mixed up

apps are wrong ! This is the exact same app I signed up for three weeks ago to pick up riders who need a ride somehow this same app hooked me up to deliver food and now Uber after three weeks of waiting submitting all my car stuff my insurance and everything like people really give a crap if they’re ordering food What year car I drive and whos my car insurance not one mention tho in countless emails back n forth did it say I signed up to deliver food , which I didnt. so now uber wants me to wait again 3 more weeks to go thru the whole process again w same app ? I think NOT , Waste of time and my energy . Uber apparently not for me cuz they have made it very difficult for me so m taking heed and movn along this is not meant to be for me Ill stick w LyFt and if I want to pick up and deliver food ill continue to use Door Dash. You hav been no help Uber even after being on hold several times this week w you and nothing then was resolved then either , and same crap today nothing resolved was told redo the whole dam thing again ... really where ?? same app I already used and signed up for ? which came from the apple store and googled same app but its to pick up food not riders 😡 ....

Such horrible customer service

I initially drove for Lyft, and I was told by a friend that Uber’s earnings was significantly higher per ride. Wrong! They have ongoing (as in at-least once a day) issues with “earnings being delayed” for “technical difficulties” with the app. They claim the issue will be resolved in a matter of moments; however, it’s been several rides that I’ve completed and I haven’t been compensated for them. When I spoke to someone in customer service...what a big mistake. It sounded like he was reading from a script and he was baffled with how not being compensated for rides would be an inconvenience to a driver. From my experience, they will do as little as possible to rectify the consequences of issues that were caused on THEIR end. Absolutely one of the worst companies I’ve ever done business with. As a new driver...forget it. You don’t matter to them. With rides that I was never compensated for, I tried telling the incompetent rep the ball park date, and location; however, he insisted it was nothing he could do because I did not have the exact time. How unrealistic!!!!!!!! If I was to do 15 rides in one day, and at the end of the night I see that I’m only compensated for 13....I am supposed to recall which particular ride I wasn't compensated for? What a joke! Especially with driving for hours at a time. I’ve NEVER had this issue with Lyft and I thought Uber was the more experienced corporation. Seriously a joke. If you want to work for free and be treated like you don’t matter...drive with them. Who wants to be paid for every ride they complete anyway? I also gave them the benefit of the doubt after it first happened. However, at least once a day they have technical difficulties with earnings being documented correctly. If every driver stopped driving for Uber, They would no longer be in business. This is why they should treat their drivers better...without the drivers there is no company. If you notice all of the developer feedback says “Please send a note to ....... sounds like a horrible experience”. Blah blah blah. I’ll give it 2 years and the success of the business will significantly change for the worse.


Navigation is spotty at best with confusing verbal directions. And the app is constantly having issues with letting me see my balance and cashing out. Fortunately the website hasn’t been down and let me cash out, but still. That’s the point of the instant pay. Invest in your app Uber!


When I started driving for Uber drivers got paid 2.65/mile Uber kept 20% and it frequently surged for more earnings. Then Uber started this price war to the bottom. So now Uber pays 79 cents a mile, it barely ever surges due to drivers oversaturated, and Uber now frequently takes 50 to 60% of the fare for themselves. Also thanks to Uber encouraging riders to not tip, no one ever tips. I used to make $150 to $200 a night, now it's like $30. Until drivers get fair pay good bye Uber 👋👋👋

Buggy app!

Before the last update using the instant pay feature worked great. Since the last update my instant pay no longer works on my mobile devices. The only way I can use instant pay is to go to the UBER website and login. I’ve messaged UBER tech department and they’ve never resolved this mobile issue. This is truly frustrating. Consequently I’ve never had as issue with the LYFT drive app. Get it together UBER!


I love deliveringfor ubereats but one thing they need to add to the app is to show how far the customers are than waiting to accept the delivery

2 step back 1 step forward

Uber has come up with a great algorithm for setting that’s the nation, when you set a destination it finds rides on your on the way to your destination with an algorithm of to step back one step forward to keep you on the road as long as possible.

Rating not counting on New update

My problem started after Version: 3.175.10012. I have updated my iphone X to Version: 4.104.10000 since that time stars rating freezes on 496, On my ipad with old version 3, still counting the counter reached 597. i did Sign out then signing in again, deleted and reinstalled app, Resetting my iphone to factory settings, it’s the Same.

New version won't show surge map for Select drivers

While I'm in Select mode, the new version 4.xxx is not showing the surge for Uber X any more. And for select there is no surge , so what's the point of showing me the blank map with no surges ? I wanna see the Uber X surge map while I'm driving Select , so I know when to turn on the X to get a surge ride . And it used to be just great with previous version , I hope they gonna fix it back to normal asap


I use to get 20-25 rides a day $450 a week. Now 5-8 rides a day if I’m lucky! Your about to lose a driver.


Gracias a Uber! yo tengo un trabajo de cual mantengo mi familia pero lo que no me gusta es que aveces en cada actualización de la aplicación las ganancias instantáneas no se pueden cobrar... El día de ayer 10-18-18 Uber me mando en un viaje a Victorville desde Van Nuys hasta Victorville solo dice cuando entra la notificación viaje largo de 45+ pero no dice hasta donde es, hasta que acepte, el viaje cuando recogí a los pasajeros mire que decía que destino pues bueno pues lo acepte y todo bien pero llegamos hasta aya y quise agarrar instantáneamente el dinero para poner gas de regreso para Van Nuys y me doy cuenta que decía error de ganancias y pues como me iba a venir de aya si ya no tenia gas y luego no tenia dinero para venirme y en la aplicación dice error de ganancias pues todavía hasta hoy sigue diciendo igual. La otra vez que se actualizo también así paso y así estuve casi 1 semana sin poder tomar mis ganancias y ese día me tocaba pagar mi renta la verdad es buen trabajo pero es frustrante que no puedes agarrar el dinero instantáneamente para pagar las cosas que uno tiene que pagar ojalá pronto se resuelva por que me urge pagar unas cosas ...

Switching to Lyft

So, I started driving again since June. I took 6 trips last night and 1 trip today. Needing money for tomorrow. 2 of my trips aren’t even showing up on my dashboard and who know if I will even see any tips! I tried to cash out and cannot. I called customer service and waited for 15 minutes before someone picked up. Once they did, I could hardly understand the representative because her English was horrible! The explanation I got first was “you are taking too many of the same people and that’s why you can’t cash out”. HUH?!?!? The 7 trips I made were all different people and people I have never met before! The 2nd reason I received was “too many trips in the same area. You need to spread it out”. WTH?!?!? This can’t be right. The 3rd reason (and final because I hung up) was “you can’t cash out because the riders have not paid yet”. WHAT?!?!? I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told “she will just tell you the same thing I am. And she’s busy with another customer right now”. UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

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