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Lots and lots of bugs

Primera semana

Me he sentido bien entusiasmada con el trabajo. Los restaurantes siempre están atentos para hacer las entregas inmediatamente que llego y es bastante fácil llegar al destino final con el GPS, a pesar que he tenido dos inconveniente en la localización pero los clientes son muy amables y enseguida ofrecen la ayuda necesaria para llegar al destino. Otro factor que influye en el tiempo de entrega es el tráfico pero, eso no depende del servicio. Estoy muy contenta trabajando en UberEats

Complicated to the max

It might as well be written in Greek, because it's super frustrating to set a destination, and horrible to navigate through. Smh

Uber Incentives

Love being a Uber driver. But would love some extra cash incentives!

Make money

GPS common. I'm still being pushed on the wrong side of one ways

Uber app

Inaccurate locations, sometimes I end up in back Alley of address I received

Uber delivery

Everything going good so far.

2 years driving 3000 trips Uber still CHEATS DRIVERS

Unless you have electric car and live in downtown Frisco don’t bother, it works out to minimum wage with the bonus of putting your life at risk. Riders are drunks, retards, physically sick losers and children.

Uber App needs work

Prone to issues. It gets frustrating. Don’t bother with Waybill, it’ll screw you over and just upset you and your riders.


Ratings are unfair customer can accuse driver of anything uber response is always time off of driving no way for drivers to prove there side

Fuel Prices have gone up!

In Utah fuel prices have gone up by about a dollar. Where I used to be filling up at about $2.10/gal I now fill up at about $3.10/gal. We’re incurring more expenses for operating. I feel it’s needful to increase the fare price to be in line with this development. A minimum $3.00 per ride was never sufficient anyway, but with the current situation on top of that a $5.00 minimum will make drivers feel better appreciated for the service we render. Any other adjustments to trips fares to accommodate the increased operating costs is also my request. Thank you.


Uber is not the same way it used to be. The company is taking more of a cut and doesn’t care about their drivers. The company is also letting drivers drive that do not speak English which is a safety issue big time.


Best job besides being a professional boxer I’ve ever had. Being your own boss and making your own schedule is the best.

Totally scam!

Totally scam! hey people don’t get fooled! They said service charge is 30% but it’s more than 45% and pooling system is like giving free rides! Use Carmel or Juno! Don’t use Lyft Uber Via! These companies stealing your money!


The fact you still have to opt in when you download the app is hard to believe. I screwed up that one. When i called support to “opt-in” they couldn’t Push a button to allow me to opt in. They had to contact their “advanced team”. Still waiting. New driver, already frustrated. Suggestion: only an “opt out” option. Also, you are telling me i don’t have the power to opt in or out with my phone? Or customer service? Change it.

Ready for new application

I’m ready for the new app to launch soon

Uber won’t steer you wrong.

Learn your town by driving people around and get to know the life of others, all while making a buck. Be hungry and you will go home with bacon.

No More Surge or Trips converted to XL

Been driving for over a year, so I’ve seen many changes to the driver’s experience. You used to be able to pay your bills driving. Now I drive twice as long to make half as much. The app works most of the time.....most of the time. Uber has made significant efforts to mitigate the presence of surge. When it does appear, it is typically for less than 4 minutes and covers an area the size of a square block or two. It used to be that you drove to earn your money, but made up for any slow seasons with the surge, now without any surge rides, ALL MOTIVATION IS ERADICATED. You’ll basically make enough to cover the cost of gas, maintenance for your vehicle, and food. I used to disagree with people that driving for Uber was a scam. Now I 100% agree with them. It’s very disappointing. Oh and one last grumble. It used to be that as an XL driver that when people requested an X ride, but really had an XL number of passengers, that you could send a message to Uber telling them to adjust the fare and they would. Recently they have begun responding with messages that say “we won’t adjust the fare because it was greater than the fare the passenger agreed to”. But this isn’t accurate. In fact it’s a bogus cop-out to please riders that would otherwise be disgruntled for being called out on their crap. Riders have already learned they can take advantage of this. I’ll tell you what. They’ll have more disgruntled passengers from all the rejected rides I’ll be administering from now on. Anyway, onwards and upwards.


I love being a Uber driving it’s fun and excited. I can meet a lot of new people in Columbus, OH.

Uber eats

Buenas tardes deseo desearles éxito en lo que hacen con nosotros, y a su vez de recordatorio deben de confiar en nosotros y no tanto en los restaurantes y clientes , también tenemos voz ,

Wish it was a little more user friendly

I’m not 100% sure if it’s the navigation, or if the riders are putting in a wrong address, but I’ve had ALOT of trouble picking up riders from their “specified” pick up locations. It’s made some people late to business meetings, and it also makes me look like an incompetent driver, which I am not.

Very disappointed driver

Explain why would you deactivate my app while I was in route to taking a rider to their destination I driven for Uber two years in July with no issues why would you do something like this


Uber always best !👍👍👍👍👍

An Embarrassment

Terrible app, terrible employee support, terrible company.

Fixing to do

Uber has fixing to do Ride came in and I accepted it The ride request disappeared The rider called me to make sure I was on the way I refreshed my app and there was the ride Really? Takes forever to update trip earnings Behind on ratings and trip counts Lots bugs and fixes We keep hearing about A NEW DRIVER APP which was like 2 months ago Well when will it take effect I’m one the highest rated uber drivers in ga with over 3500 rides but yet I never got asked for a sit down invitation a beacon light and yet they say the new app is here in Atlanta but yet the old version still being used All my friends and family are using the newest driver app here in Atlanta ga area I have the best phone which is iPhone but still have this old version driver app When will the new driver app be put on iPhones?? Kinda crazy

Save your Car

Truly disappointing almost die from this app bad navigation the bonus are trash they give the most bonus at midnight when no is ordering it became petty cash your only paying for ⛽️ people will lie to you saying how The gonna tip you when they don’t even have that option 😑 the pay is too low no 1 can make that 20 trips within that time fame it’s impossible without factoring wait time traffic

$7.50 an hour is not worth it.

I drove for Uber for two months. Every single request was like five miles away or more so it wasn’t worth it. Also, on the way back home I wasn’t getting a request so I’ll put miles in my car without gettin paid. A lot of passengers likes given poor rating to drivers for no reason so Uber don’t have control over that. After gas and wear and tear I was making like $7.50 an hour. Also they wanted to rent me a car for $220 dollars a week. That was crazy. Don’t waist your time driving for Uber and get a real job. This company takes advantage of people that don’t have jobs.

Driving and loving it!!

Meeting new people and every experience has been awesome!

Still horrible Support team.

Driving for uber has been great and I love driving full time. But the support team has been horrible for 1.5 years that I have been driving. Montana needs help and has gotten very little help from uber. I have sent over 500 messages and phone calls to uber for help to improve UberEATS, UberSKI and UberXL in Montana. Many times I have seen UberEATS with 15+ orders at one restaurant and no surge. After 9 months of complaining to uber they finally gave us a super small boost of 1.3x and they didn’t even get the correct restaurants in the boost. The most used restaurants are not in the boost! I like what the new CEO is doing but the support in Montana is horrible!

Driver vs. Rider Safety!!

My only issue with Uber, whichI feel is a major concern and will continue being dismissed until a major crisis happens as a result of this lack of safety!! As a driver I have to have my name, car make and model, license plate number and a updated picture of myself. Riders can use any name they choose and are not required to have a picture of them self. As a driver it is unsafe for me (a female, but risky for any driver) to pull up to a pick up location and hope the person getting into my car and agreeing to be named “money-making gangster” is the person I’m supposed to pick up. Or for me to announce out of my window that I’m here to pick up “money-making gangster”. My legal name that is used on my drivers license is what is used on my account (which is not even the name I go by- I too have a nickname), riders should be required to provide a legal name and picture to use this service. If their account is shared by family and/or friends everyone using the account should need to upload a picture. Requirements should be the same for drivers and riders where safety is concerned. Riders have 4 points of reference to prove I am the correct driver. Drivers have zero points of reference to ensure they are the correct passenger.

Driving apps not working

Hey can somebody help me with apps. It been over a week and still saying “ thank you” You’re all signed up Watch the video blablahhh” I need to know what’s going on ? Why it don’t let me do anything. It been like this for over week!! I did everything correctly so what’s up?


If you’re looking to drive for Uber use this promo code >>> xaseydxaue it got me a GUARANTEED $500 bonus after signing up! I love driving for Uber

App has a lot of issues, employee support even worse

The app needs to be closed and reopened after almost every ride. And then Uber will push you around and not pay you what’s promised through their promotions and never actually follow up with your submissions/complaints. Their helpline is in India and they don’t care about their drivers.


Gracias por dejarme ser parte de la flota de trabajo, espero aprender cosas positiva.

Great App

The actually only complaint I have, is that I am putting more money into gas now then I was six months ago and my profits our way down. We are paying almost $1.00 more per gallon for gas than we were a year ago ye, Uber will not give their drivers an increase but they get TWO increases on their booking fees over the last year. It doesn’t seem fair. App works great, navigation is sometimes way off, but I have a 2nd phone with other navigation apps to back it up. Sometimes there is an issue with the airport queue. Other than those two things, I have never had any other problems.

Uber is a rip off for drivers

Uber’s cut from each trip is 49%! Or even higher sometimes! Keep in mind that uber does nothing! The driver puts the effort, uses their car, their phone, their insurance, their gas, clothing, cleaning the car, even water for riders... imagine Uber even takes their cut when a rider cancels their trip, riders who cancels their trip are charged $5, Uber takes $1.25 of it! Imagine!! It is steal, an exploitation of people’s efforts, assets and emotions! Moreover; I think Uber controls the app to their absolute advantage- I mean, the process is not as automated as drivers think... I believe that Uber manipulates the surge areas to attract drivers to that area so they serve riders at a regular price! Meaning they show drivers that a certain area is super busy, when drivers arrive there they get regular price.

They take forever to answer the phone at customer service improve

I been on hold for 20 mins and still nothing and still at hold writing this review they need more people at there customer service so people don’t need to wait this long. improve

Uber is the best

I have been using the Uber app for 1 year now. Not only is it user friendly it performs great. Being a Apple developer I feel the app in in the 95-100 %. The app is robust and and Uber is always making it better. Thank you Uber!

Food delivery

Hey Uber I just wanted To Know How Do i deliver food i wanna Work For You Guys Post Mates is not enough Help


A food Job


Uber is GREAT when you first start! After a short time they start PLAYING WITH YOUR MONEY!!!!! When you do the math (which they HATE when PARTNERS DO THIS) you will find that you are at a loss and incurring ALL EXPENSES while Uber collects tax free revenue-YES YOU PAY TAXES FOR UBER!!!!!! I would NOT recommend driving unless you want to turn your vehicle into a cab -good luck on finding AFFORDABLE INSURANCE that’ll cover you....YOU WONT!!!

Uber the greatest

Thank you uber

This app is a disaster and Uber Support is useless

Here are the problems I’ve had with the app in the past two months: 1. Three times my instant pay requests haven’t gone through, and I’ve had to wait five days for the money to be processed to my bank account. I’ve paid $200 in late fees and missed a big family event because Uber can’t process instant pays anymore. 2. Consecutive trip boosts just disappear after two trips. It happens LITERALLY EVERY TIME I drive a passenger from New Jersey into New York. EVERY TIME, and every time Uber Support says it’s because I went offline, even when the chronology of my trips shows that was impossible. The only solution I’ve found is to stop accepting those trips, because Uber will not pay for them. I’m a VIP driver with thousands of trips and 4.95 rating and Uber Support hasn’t been able to fix any of these problems - when they respond. I’ve had a lot of jobs and a lot of bosses, and I’ve never felt as ignored and disrespected as I have as an Uber driver.

Great Company but pay could be better

Only thing I have a problem with is the pay. Sometime on short trips, Uber will charge the customer $7.00 but only give you $2.00 to keep. I hate that.


I love working at Uber.

Uber driver App

The app needs to be updated asap for some reason the ride fairs are disappearing after the ride, the distance and time are gone after the trip, and the calculations are off. The driver rewards/benefits are gone now and for longer trips the app is taking out over 45% of the payout. Update needed Asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Missing fares

The app is really messing up.

It’s not with it!

This is the worst company I have worked for. $10 per hour, that’s what you get from them while your putting so many miles in your car.

Nice driving with Uber

5 star

No TIPS go lyft

Lyft is humane to have the tip bar on the app way more smarter of app

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