Uber Driver App Reviews

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The App is Buggy as Hell

Where do I begin. There are so many problems with the Uber app. Uber cheats drivers out of their actual driven mileage, and they really should be sued over that. The app gives a “suggested route” that’s always the shortest distance trip, and 90% of the time Uber gets the start and end of trips wrong. They often ask drivers to make illegal traffic moves, as well as drive down streets that haven’t existed in years. Uber should require all drivers to use Waze or Google Maps, opting for the fastest trip time-wise, and just pay drivers what they really drive. On the current version of the app, drivers can’t text customers. It’s crazy.


The biggest scam in the history of USA! I am shocked how they are allowed to operate at all!!! Dont do it

My money was taken by uber without any given proof.

Company just stole $65 of my money claiming that they made an accounting error months ago. Instead of sending me an email or calling, they left a tiny message at the bottom of the sign on map screen scroll. No proof or anything, just a brief note. I find it funny that it was the holiday season that they chose to claim this. Also, for the exact same ride that you book with Lyft, Uber will charge $35, whereas Lyft may charge $30, in every single case, Lyft always seems to give the driver 75%, whereas Uber does some crooked accounting, squeezing out even more money. I have no clue how they’re doing it, but you pay less as a customer with Lyft, AND receive more money as a Lyft driver. By the way, customers and drivers alike, keep complaining that Uber’s coding offsets their pick up and drop off locations, sends them down one ways the wrong way, won’t work properly in the downtown area, and changes peoples point A & B references to miles away. Uber keeps saying they’re working on it super hard, but this hasn’t changed in months. Lastly, my life was threatened by a passenger who attempted to rob me. I notified them and had to call them several times to even get any type of response after this guy attempted to take my car, phone, and wallet. Uber needs a immediate critical response method for drivers in the middle of a ride. I had a 40 y.o. man trying to touch a 17 y.o. child and a man steal someone else’s phone and book a ride. In both cases, Uber was notified, but the pseudo do something professional attitude of the company and lack of action speaks volumes on how much they value drivers and customers, alike. I didn’t know who this guy was, and I felt unsafe. I’m really starting to terribly question the ethics of this company’s operations. Especially seeing that they won’t even provide a person to talk to via phone for drivers help or customer service. I get this is supposedly the new age, but that’s a no no, big time.


It's a pretty nice job.

To the haters

I have driven for Uber for 4 years and I am blessed to be allowed to be a part of this community service. We drivers are helping to keep the streets safe from drunk drivers and helping community members with their transportation needs. For people who hate Uber, are their practices all above board? Maybe not but look who the American people chose as their President! His practices are a downright sin!

Uber no paga lo suficiente a los Conductores

Cuándo van a subir las tarifas ?, o pagar más a los Conductores , no se puede trabajar por 4 o 5 dólares la Hora , cuando sacas los gastos del vehículo por Millas, que son bastante para 100 dólares como reseña ,la cantidad es aproximadamente de 150 Millas , el Auto se de valora por Dia , ósea cuando empecé podía venderse ej: 15000 ahora sobre los 9 000 , en un Año sin darle muy duro como taxi , quiere decir que lo que gano no es más que lo que el Auto va depreciándose, paga Mantenimiento , fregado , Gasolina, gomas, seguro del Auto , los Taxes , en fin todo y después el famoso Pool , te pagan por las Millas total No por persona , esto hace que la carga y los tirones de puertas sean mucho mayor y la posibilidad de ir por Calles buenas te tengas que bajar para buscar los de más pasajeros, el aumento de Persona gasta más gasolina y posibilidades a mayor problema entre Ellos o Yo por malos entendidos y al final ganar lo mismo , Ustedes deberían quizás aumentar las tarifas o tomar meno de lo que cogen por viaje ,esto esta muy bien pensado para Ustedes que cada Día son y serán más Ricos y Nosotros cada Día mas Pobres porque terminaremos sin Auto ni Dinero 😟 , a si que sigan pensando en los Autos sin Conductor y los Aviones que cuando se vallan dando cada uno o se comente en las redes sociales sobre esto se les empezarán a ir , claro ya estarán muy bien su Fortuna para seguir hacía delante , Yo les pregunto una vez más , Ustedes harían Uber por este dinero ?, tengo mucho más que decir pero creo que estoy perdiendo el tiempo Gracias.

Amazing! I love it

I have been driving for Uber about 2 months now and I absolutely love it. T was so easy to become familiar with the way the app works and the riders are amazing. I’m a young uber driver and I drive around colleges and meet a lot of cool people. I also enjoy the achievements. It motivates me. I’ll pick Uber over Lyft any day.

Way too unreliable as of late. Frustrating to say the least

Well, Uber’s computers cannot accurately process driving duration times properly. They used to be pretty good at it but over the last 3 weeks, they have been notoriously unreliable. When i am about done driving, i would set the destination filter and add an arrival timer and would not get anything that would prevent me from making my destination around the time i had set to be there. It was actually quite awesome and would allow me to do another ride or so, make a little extra money and get a few more people to their respective destinations in addition to feeling like uber was way more concerned with both sides of the rideshare experience. However, for the past three weeks or so, ill be nearing the end of the time I allotted to drive uber and set a destination with an arrival time and ive been getting tons of trips that completely prevent me from making my destination by the time i told the destination filter i needed to arrive by. Its so off that its not even close anymore. At first i thought that it was a temporary glitch and severely inconvenienced myself taking those people where they needed to go but now it is completely apparent that it isnt temporary at all and when you tell the app that youre about done and you can only accept certain things, its as if uber is laughing at you by giving you trips that completely violate the parameters of how you have made yourself available on the road. Its been several weeks of telling the support reps over the phone and in email that there are bugs which severely undermine the driver confidence and experience in their technology and tbh, canned responses are the best they can come up with. Oh. You have to be east of here 45 minutes from now eh?, well how about we wait until two minutes before the screen turns from blue to gold and give you someone going 20 miles west of here and then at the end of that trip our app will tell you to start heading east now. Ha. The point is people cant take things like that and when we input that information into the app, and accept something based on those parameters, we expect the trip to fall within those parameters. Otherwise, without the confidence that uber respects our time, people will be way less willing to give their time because it precludes the ability to do this in your free time as you are way less able to make those other special engagements in your life. Im sure full timers dont care as they can drive all over wherever and whenever but the rest of us have a life and currently are having a hard time juggling the two with the said glitch going unresolved for so long. “ Set your own schedule You can drive with Uber anytime, day or night, 365 days a year. When you drive is always up to you, so it never interferes with the important things in your life “ The above quote is taken straight from their website regarding their driver app. The key phrase is that ... so it never interferes with important things in your life... but as i explained above, it has done nothing but that since their “glitch” has gone unresolved for so long. Uber has way too many intelligent people working there to have a glitch like this for so long so as a user of their service im very disappointed with them currently. ****update**** Um. No thanks. I reviewed here publicly so that other people could have a heads up of what to expect and so that app developers could read about a flawed buggy system. Ive no interest in engaging with csr because theyre illiterate, incompetent, and frankly id rather have a root canal done through my bum than subject myself to the aggravation of dealing with them. If you want to fix flawed features, great, here is something for you to work on.

Great but needs new map choices

Uber needs to add “Apple maps” to navigation so that those of us with iPhones and onstar cars with Apple play can load the navigation automatically onto our cars screens

Corrupt company

More accusations come out every week about this fraudulent company . They are evil and I hope karma will humble them. They steal everything, money and even information, from riders and drivers . BEWARE do research. You’re no different than any other uber ant. Uber always wins and you’ll get screwed !!! Look at UBER responses to reviews . All automated they don’t give a 💩 about YOU Nothing changes !! They fool “Partners” and riders with upfront prices. Every fare is different, they take any amount they want and it’s more than %25. Look at reviews from years ago , all the same . Don’t sit at the airport. Because there will always be a problem with queue. It’s a waste of time and the surge is fake !! Poorly ran company , terrible app, will get you frustrated like a toddler . The map and navigation is laughable . The launching of another navigation system, won’t link , during surge when you zoom in it goes blank . It can NOT handle all the activity during busy hours. You just have to get used to It , because they don’t update their app, they clear bad reviews . Frequent riders always know the flaws with the app and laugh. Also your acceptance rate will go down for no reason. “You’re online but not accepting trips “ is BOGUS !! Don’t respond because your link won’t work . Google UBER DRIVERS FORUM Drivers are miserable because Uber lies, cheats and steals from them .

Bad gps

Deberían permitir conectarse a gps devices dentro de la app así podríamos hacer un viaje más rápido y eficiente y la gente no perdería tiempo y echarnos la culpa por que el Uber gps nos esté dando vueltas y vuelvas

Drives make $19 on a $50 ride.

Be prepared to make 40% while Uber takes %60 or sometimes more. They are only concerned with paying new drivers well. Get off of this app A.S.A.P. I heard rumors that Uber treats the drivers poorly and it is horrific. Uber pays bellow the state minimum wage and uses legal verbiage that conceals it. Any binding agreement changed in the wind with each app update so be cautious. No one will care to help, they will send automated links with obvious information that is public to try to reconcile a problem. Lazy people profiting big.


The apps is dump in Bangladesh. It’s not working. It’s totally false........ Waste of time......


I agree with you. I don’t like this app for the maps. I recently started and I was frustrated on my first day.


I quit my job to work full time for uber. Got new Mercedes cla premium class to drive uber Select. But I m getting 2-3 SELECT rides a week only and about 100 uber X. They even give me uber pool costumers. Also Uber BLACK drivers are taking SELECT costumers, and whatever left after BLACK goes to SELECT. Uber should change it. Uber put employees into bankruptcy. And I have a lot friends with the same issue. Also uber closes accounts if there is costumer complaint . Here is how it works. They won’t ask u first and check what happened. First thing they do is close your account and then start figuring out was it true or just one more a-hole costumer who is mad at his life. Plus I have to pay taxes at the end of year. And what u guys have done with app? Also it is not showing guaranteed fare promotions. Downtown is 1.5x atm but on my phone its not showing it. Checked it from friends phone, it says that there is promotion going on atm. Also weekly promotions disappeared. Like 40$ for 50 rides or 70$ for 50 rides. Thank u. I tried to experiment with uber. Asked my friend to order uber and see if I will get this ride. I was the closest driver because we were standing together and doing it. After couple seconds it shows, that other driver is coming. It so unfair.


Thank you for paying to keep a data breach quiet for over a year. We all really appreciate it. I seriously doubt I will drive for this company again.

Terribly Corrupt Company

Uber has absolutely no concern for the well being of it's drivers or human life in general. "180 days of change" is just some gimmick they put into place because of the pressure that drivers put on Uber because their policies were so unfair to the point of corruption. I know I'm stating the obvious, but I feel like it's worth mentioning. Now they just got exposed for trying to cover up a cyber hack where 57 million people's personal information was stolen. They tried to cover it up by paying the hackers $100,000 to have keep them quiet and sweep it under the rug. I wish I could say I'm shocked that uber would do something like this, but I'm not. Unfortunately ethics and morality are foreign concepts to Uber.

Uber lies more than I breathe

Uber lies more than I breathe. Constantly screws drivers over taking more of their wages. Lost 2-3 major lawsuits for lying to their drivers. No one should do Uber if they have a shred of self-respect. Honest to god, after everything is paid off, you leave with less than minimum wage per hour. This 180 days of change is nothing but a load of crap because they haven’t really changed. Unless you count taking more money from the fares and making things more difficult for drivers. Go work at Walgreens, at least you won’t put any major wear and tear on your car, because both jobs pay you minimum wage. No matter what, don’t send them your info on here when they respond to your review because they’ll deactivate you.

Needs a few fixes

The App works well most of the time. I do not understand why when the Bluetooth is on the audible trip alert does not work. I like to keep BT on so I can receive phone calls from the rider hands free but if it is on I miss trips and my acceptance rate goes down. This problem does not exist with the Android App, only the iOS app. Why can’t that be fixed?

57 Million Drivers Hacked

57,000,000 drivers got their info stolen by hackers and Uber paid the hackers $100,000. This company is grimey. First the sx scandals and now this. Google it.

Bad publicity, 57 million drivers/customer info hacked. Bad algorithm

How do you pay a 100k hush money , what is that $1 dollar for every 57th person that got hacked? You know hackers don’t delete nothing. Shady Bad publicity, high booking fee’s.. San Francisco Native here and gas prices are some of the most expensive in the USA. I noticed how towards the end of my 100 hundred rides “Guaranteed $1,025” referral , you would send me 40-50 miles away so you wouldn’t have to pay me that much , but the person who referred me got $500 for doing nothing . Shady. The long rides would go back to gas because I live in San Francisco.

App errors

I’m a 3 years driver and I often do airport run and I have to wait at TNC slot in queue, after waiting for over 30 minutes or even longer and when I have the request, tap to accept and the app just frozen until the trip expired and you lost the trip. Contact support team and I was asked to delete and install the app again but it still occur And they are partnering with Sprint to offer discounts for drivers but they don’t know that with Sprint network you don’t have data network connection when you’re making phone call, that mean you will lost your queue at the airport after long waiting. Recently they’re having some positive changes coming to the platform. Hoping that they will do the filter zones back.

I have no choice

If I had another thing to do, I surely will not drive for Uber, they care more about the passenger than the driver, any rider can just say a lie and Uber will believe them, they make money than us the driver

The Richer they Get the Less they Care

Crazy because I’ve only used the App for 7 months and the first 2 months were great. Now it seems like I drive longer distances and make less money. The worse part of all is when I got into a car accident, the deductible from James River was ridiculous. Couldn’t even use my personal insurance because they said I was driving Uber. The whole thing is a poop show.

Does not provide third party navigation apps exact address

I noticed that when you begin a trip (either pickup or drop off) and it switches to Waze (because that is my preferred navigation app), it will send me to the wrong street, wrong corner etc..., at first I thought it was the Waze app. But when I decided to manually key in he address on Waze, then it actually sends me to the correct address. This leads me to believe that the Uber driver app is providing Waze with location coordinates and not address information. In fact, I know that when approaching the destination address, if keyed in, Waze will actually display the address when you arrive. This does not happen when Uber shares its destination information, which also proves that Waze is not getting an exact address from the Uber app. Again, just coordinates. Whenever I drive Lyft and I am at my destination, Waze will actually display the address.

Acceptance rate

Acceptance rate continues too suffer even though I have accepted every trip request I have been offered. This is a continuing problem. I love meeting different people uber brings, NOT THE APP!!

Worst decision I made in mylife

Uber guarantee 6000$/m, but I figure I have to drive fuking 15-16 hrs per day to barely reach that amount! Customers are garbage, they think they own you. Don't drive Uber cos u will regret!!!! Go get a job from McDonald's, it's a better paid job!!!!!!!

Love I️t

I’ve been driving with Uber for over two years and I simply love it! Just like every company there are flaws but if you just take a second and realize what an incredible opportunity this is it has to change your perspective. The only thing I would love more, is if uber would reward there top drivers with quality rides on a more consistent basis. Meaning matching good partners with good (quality) customers. I’ll take a 5 star rider around the corner no worries part of the game. Quality rides if there’s a 4.6 rider trying to go on a 45 min ride I with a surge that too should be sorted in a high traffic situation to better partners. I take a lot of pride in providing a 5star experience to my riders and It shows in my ratings/acceptance rate/ cancel As a partner I would love the opportunity to be matched properly in high request scenarios

Worst company ever

Uber been messing around with drivers and stealing money from riders and drivers I hope that this company go outta of business soon shouldn’t be supported by the Apple store and should be removed because they are scammers scammers scammers and scammers they put so many drivers in debt specially full time drivers. Hope you lose your business ASAP.


My experience with Uber is a wonderful part-time job, the call center service helps me a lot and are very respectful and honest, I love working with them. And anytime if you call them help me, and also if I email them

What gives

I created an account over a month ago and my account is still waiting to be processed. There is no sign of a contract number or a contract us tab. What gives?

Recent Navigation Issues?

Repeating: PLEASE add compass directions to the navigation (such as: “turn left to head north on Main Street” or “turn Right onto the entry ramp to drive south on I-95”). NOT ALL CARS HAVE A COMPASS. Seems like for the past two weeks, I’ve had to call almost EVERY rider to ask them where they are. I do like that lane designations are included, but what’s up with navigating to the rider pickup? I’d also dearly love the directions to include navigational directions, as well as showing on the map which way the map is displayed - NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST. I’m not familiar enough in this area to keep myself oriented to the directions, and I am often confused when the map rotates.


I tried signing up for Uber multiple times and every time it says “internal error” or “error on our end please try again later” I contacted them and they got back to me with an answer not even related to the problem... thanks for nothing Uber I prefer Lyft anyway.

Best Uber

I love Using Uber Navigation GPS as an Uber Driver. It’s precisely accurate and hardly missed my riders for pick up. I also like the new features and continue on developing Uber. Don’t hate, just play the game. ✌️

Slave machine

As a nyc driver and joined uber few years ago, we are on the same page as the preview writer. In nyc uber driver condition is even worse, here uber take from us almost 40% per ride plus another 30% or more on car’s expense😡 and because we are self employed (1099) we pay a lot taxes (25%) at the end of the year so I strongly believe that for Each $10 bucks we’re really making $2 or less (half of uber) and get ZERO benefit while uber is getting richest we are getting poorest... Question: what is the difference between work in a plantation system back in 1817 or work for uber in 2017????🆘🇺🇸🆘🇺🇸🆘

Uber Is Good, but could be better!

I been driving with Uber for about two months as a part-timer on the weekends, i have made a good impression on a lot of my riders so much that they ask for my number so they can call me and try to get me as there driver. The issue I have come across is that there is no for sure way to get the driver you want even if the drivers phone is right next to the riders phone when they sent the request, my suggestion is that each driver have a personal pin that he can hand out to riders if they wish to ride with them again they can just put in and see if the person was available and how long they would have to wait for him. Only issue I have I think other than this it would be close to 5 star app!

App is slow and not responding

Since the latest update with ios 11 uber driver app is not working correct. It moves very slow. I have lost 4 rides the last two days because it times out. The function buttons wont work right away. Please up date your app and fix it. Update. Now evey time uber sends an update the app reverts back to the old format. Call customer support which no one speaks english and they tell you to go to the hub. Um. Thats 3 hrs away. I give up.

Needs a lot of work.

Though I love being able to work extra on my free time, I don’t like that this feels more like I’m working to make Uber money. The fees they charge the customer fluctuate. There are times I drive and Uber makes more than I do. Also, If this is truly a ride sharing app, I should be able to select how many people I want to pick up and should be able to have other people in the car with me. It is ride sharing, right, not a taxi service. Finally, it needs a better way of matching rides with drivers. For example, if I want to drive from one city to the next with no particular destination, it should match me up with someone who is also heading to that city, not necessarily the same exact address. I have yet to get their set destination feature to match me with an passenger. Finally, canceling ride requests because a passenger was not at the location and was not answering their phone, should not count against the driver.

Latest app update is glitchy/locks up

I’ve received several requests this week and tapped to accept, only to have the app glitch or lock up. I ended up losing the dispatches because I had to force close the app or reboot my phone. I’m running the latest iOS version on an iPhone 7 Plus and the latest app version. It’s pretty frustrating when the demand is very high to have your app glitch with a rider in your vehicle or is waiting for you to get there without any GPS. I’ve only been driving w/ Uber about a week and this doesn’t fare well.

Takes forever to get approved

I applied to be a driver and I’ve been waiting over 2 months to get approved. I have faith that maybe someday they will take the 2 seconds it takes to do a background check and approve me. All my friends who applied said it took them a month to get approved. No reason why it should take so long

App is not able tell I’m a walker

App needs to be updated to determine who is a walker, a biker and a car. I will not go 18-25 minuets walking just to pick up an order that could be an additional 20 minuets away.

Uber is a SCAM

You guys are crooks period

Horrible Agent Support

I am a new Uber Partner and I had signed up for Uber deliveries. On the Driver App, under trip preferences, the only option listed were deliveries and not UberX. I had requested numerous times to have Deliveries removed. After a grueling 12 hours and 5 phone calls later to the 24/7 Agent “support”, it had been removed. However; UberX still not showing on my trip preferences. Now I’m not getting any ride requests. I drive on the weekends(nights, bar nights) and I know the demand is there. I was on the phone the 30 mins only to be told I have to visit a Greenlight Hub, which is not open on the weekends. Agent support barely understands English and constantly repeats themselves when explaining. I don’t think they understand that redundancy doesn’t fix issues. Competency does.

Customer service and transparency

Has anyone noticed the answers to every review is sent by a “bot” that keeps referring you to the standard process WHICH IS THE TARGET OF MOST COMPLAINTS !!!

They do not answer your questions if they do not need it. in the world He is a very bad company.

They do not answer your questions if they do not need it. in the world He is a very bad company.

Music volume

When the app makes a sound it either lowers my volume permanently by half until I close the app. Sometimes it will go back to normal after another noise and it will blare the volume at full sound. As a full time driver this problem with the uber app is a major headache and startles myself and anyone in my vehicle. Do you really think customers like having the volume blast at full sound in a car? I think not. I called months ago about this issue and it’s still happening. Get it together! I also can not leave reviews of my clients so when I get a bad trip there is no way to report it. Uber simply does not care. (Updated) now the app makes it so my music plays through my phone and not through my car, when I make a phone call it blares through my speakers again.


It works for the first month or so. After that you making no money. Priority is only for new drivers. After a month you get no request fo hours. Th company only want to bring people in so they make money covering all areas. Meanwhile drivers are forces to look elsewhere.

App is dead

Been trying to register for a week and all I get is a internal server error message. They spend thousands of dollars advertising on tv for an app that doesn’t work. Some good decision making right there.


Thank you

Some key things would make this perfect

App overall works well. The navigation could use some work though. There have been times it will tell me to turn when there is no road, simply because the house is there (I.e. a cult-a-sac that has the back of the house by the road I’m on). So some tweaks on the accuracy of that would be much appreciated. Also it would be very helpful if the app had CarPlay connectivity since I wouldn’t have to keep looking at my phone as I drive, especially since lots of newer cars have it now, & my state gives out tickets for distracted driving if you’re on your phone.

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