Uber Driver App Reviews

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Gracias 😊

Muy buena persona gracias por tu servicio

1st time Uber Driver

User friendly app. Easy to read navigation.. Great way to make $$$ and still control your time.


This has been my first month with UberEats I am very pleased 🥂with the business🚗 it has brought me 🤑May we prosper 🍀

App needs changes

When you get a ride, it would be really nice if we could know where the ride is going. Sometimes you get a ride out in the middle of nowhere, and don’t get a ride back to your area! It is a waste of fuel and time. If a rider needs a ride, it should include destination. At least a city, so we can determine if we want to go in that direction, and accept the ride.


Earning flexibility

Uber GPS

I enjoyed my job during last trips but I am not happy with Uber’s navigation which doesn’t give me shortcuts and sometimes choose a longer an unconvincing routes. I noticed that sometimes it doesn’t take me to the exact delivery address!!!


Navigation for drivers is horrible. Rides are pinged in after you’ve already passed the exit. Drivers are directed to the wrong side of the road, forcing riders to walk across the street or the driver to make an illegal u-turn. Riders then greet this with navigation complaints that count against driver.

Nothing ever works

Every time I turn it on I have to wait at least 15 minutes to receive a request, and one I receive a request it’s 10 miles away for a two mile trip. That happens pretty much all day, and I’ll do 5 rides during a surge and get a message for a “possible surge.” When I get there... no surge.....


I love driving Uber. Talking to riders and the satisfaction of dropping them to their destination is wonderful. 5 stars to Uber


I enjoy the app I just wish that as soon as it showed the pickup location it would also show where the person was going to be going to be dropped off at.


I’m just starting and i work 2 Saturday’s back to back starting at 5am-5:30am I made less then $50 -$60 I work for 3-4 hours after been sent on a route over 20 miles round trip and didn’t get pay for long distance, (but it’s been correct by payroll within 24-48 hours I hope) , it’s still a little disappointing. I’m going to give it one more try . Sandra West


2nd day and loving it


Very easy to use!


I kept getting 1.9 surges when the area was actually 2.6 surge why was I getting a lower surge request in that area

Uber Papa

Very enjoyable. Love meeting new people and a great way to earn extra cash. If Uber pays you correctly. Do not like the idea that Uber does not want to have contact with drivers.

Love the freedom

I love to manage my own business with Uber and the app works great in telling me where my customers are, what is their name and where are they going. I also like that the app tells me how much I earned in how many hours. The app could be better in giving me alternative routes. Telling me about traffic, police, accidents, where is safe to drop my customers, for example at games or concerts. Also warn me about dangerous intersections and bikes and people around me. Safety for an Uber driver and passenger should be a first priority. Also Uber could add where to wait for more customers for example at airports or busy attractions like navy peer. I want to park away from taxis and in a designated area for Uber's vs driving around.

They will steal from your pay

Still waiting over 10 days to get paid for a trip completed that my share was over $55.00. I have called support 4 times already and get nothing but a runaround. Keep telling me they need to escalate to a supervisor and they will get back to me within 48 hours. No calls or emails back in over 10 days. Today I was told again it will be resolved in 24 hours. We’ll see. I think they just hope drivers will forget about it and they can keep the money owed to me. DON’T DRIVE FOR UBER. THIEVES!!! They could care less about the drivers.

Uber Eat Rock n’ Roll

This is an awesome service and partnership and help people like us to create some extra income because no one give us an opportunity like this to make some money part time. Thanks and appreciated.

App Is not fully working right

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it’s not fully functional now.

Where is the new revamped update?

My understanding was that the Uber CEO was developing a new app for drivers and it looked really awesome compared to the one here. It looked more user-friendly and I’m curious to know when it will be released because all the news articles say itshould be released


The gps is horrible

No Tips, You’re a Fool for trying it

This is a scam. Uber, please pay your drivers enough to buy food and other things. They target bottom feeders with cars. It is an absolute scam. You will not end your trips with due satisfaction. I went in looking for a little extra spending money. People do NOT tip. 15 trips, no tips; $5 to travel across the city. I feel taken advantage of. There are other ways to earn money without the existential dread that comes with the calculation of what you’ve earned. I won’t tip anyone for anything after this experience. Uber driving is the step you take before becoming homeless.

Do it when you can

It’s fun driving and helping people with total flexibility of do it when you can. Why not?

Banned for invalid reason

Uber banned me from driving for invalid reason after driving for about 3 years for them

Driving for uber eats.

Customers don’t tip. They are under the impression the booking fee is part of the tip. Worked 3 hours and made only 18$ . I started with $10 worth of gas after I was empty. So I only made $8 for 3 hours work. Not much money to be made

Very smart idea

Like it


For the wear and tear and time Wish you guys would raise the rate even 1.00 Per ride that all goes to the driver !

Shady Dealings

I picked up a passenger and she was almost home. She asked to stop by the store and when she got back in the car I could hear the beeps that indicated I was being evaluated. I personally believed she went in to ask for the survey and was a plant. This is Atlanta and nothing is fair. After asking me to make an extra stop she than said she had a problem with my driving especially rules of the road. The cops are as plentiful as roaches in the whole metro of Atlanta I am an almost perfect driver. UBER in Atlanta is trying to deactivate me yet again for probably pointing out Christie Teigen has a potato head on social media. This is Atlanta where everything is hacked. Stuber still has not figured out their gps is being hacked but every one else knows.😵

Terrible customer service

Whenever you have an issue on this thing, which will be a lot, customer service has no solutions and no one knows what they're doing and they're very rude.

Need help with the app.

How the do I get a hold of you guys. My app been on review pending for 3 days now. All is active on my profile. Just waiting for the app to be unlocked.


I don’t think it’s rite for people to give bad reviews with no explanation. I’ve been given a lot of good reviews and star ratings. To get a 2 is very annoying g for no reason.

I hope Lyft overtakes the market eventually.

“We have changed the arrow color, we have changed the notification sound.”! Who fujing cares. Fujing Uber app needs 3 changes only. Nothing else.1.Cut less money for yourself, 2.get rid of bull c rap rating system, 3.get a legitimate costumer support and not some outsourced individuals that barely speak English. You do this, I promise there will be no room for complain for anyone. Ever.

Slap to drivers’ face

Change: 180 days and beyond to control and slap drivers’ face. But at least better than Lyft‘ app.


Ahhhhh uber is so amazing!! 😭😭😭🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

The app

Crashes on drivers totally unfair!!!!!!

Drivers are treated unfairly to appease riders.

Uber is solely concerned with rider safety and complaints. As a driver, your partnership with Uber is not determined by your driving record but how well you’re able to keep your riders safe and happy, no matter how terrible of a passenger they can be. Drivers are treated unfairly and punishments are unjust.

New app

When the new app come for iOS? I see that in Android and I like what's I see. Hope they come to iOS soon

Uber’s finest driver in Kc mo.

Every ride is done with class! Suits, 2 different bottles of water. 2 kind of chocolates tic tac open doors being a professional at all times! My Uber is a limo trip at Uber x price. Now at 4.97 over 5000 trips. Check out my comment and badges. Feel like it should be 4.98 or 4.99. Thank you James.

Libertad en acción

Para mi ha sido maravillosamente una experiencia importante. Y mi libertad de acción, no tiene precio. Me gusta la evolución de atención a los conductores

Minor violations

Uber needs to take a closer look for minor violations, my account is deactivated due to minor violations, and it also states tickets and accidents for past three years, I believe that’s unreasonable, if you concern about the passenger safety why cant Uber ever concern about drivers safety? I had two minor accidents while I was driving Uber but still turns out to against me, it’s crazy how Uber is doing their safety regulations. I would recommend Uber to do something like Courtesy to driver who has more then 3 violation after background is been checked annually accordingly, maybe warning instead of putting their account on hold for another three years, after all every drivers out there are to make living and provide for their families.

My thought of the app

I wish during navigation, the screen is capable of going into landscape mode (screen goes horizontal)

No new driver app yet.

I got the long link to up date my driver app to the new driver app but the update was only available for my android phone. So many question is way was it released for android and not iOS? 🤔


5 Stars, so far Uber is the best in town and out of town


Us drivers that drive in the suburbs are driving longer hours just to earn money. You state drive on your own terms. But do we really? I don’t think Uber takes what us drivers go through to earn good money. We driver longer miles and time wise and get paid less. For us New York State TNC drivers you may want to reach out to us and learn what it takes to driver for Uber. This reaching out to us will benefit Uber and the Drivers. Please take the time out to see how we can improve both Uber and the Driver earn more money together.

The new app?

Been driving for Uber for about 7 months now. I enjoy it very much but I just seem to have a hard time being in the right place at the right time. They’ve been talking about the new updated app but I haven’t seen it yet. Is the new app up and running yet?

Rider share

The Rider app is a complete wast of time . They don’t care about the driver as long as the passengers are satisfied with the price . Sometimes you would spend 40 min driving with someone and make $15.

Needs improvement

I wish the process was a lot better as it is hard to know where a customer is traveling unless I call them. I hope that you guys do fix this to make our job a lot easier.


Estoy teniendo problemas para entrar en el sistema de IOS desde ya casi 2 semana cuando piensan solucionarlo????


Only been driving a few days. I enjoy getting out and meeting interesting people. As long as I am driving, why not earn a few dollars along the way. I’m liking it so far!

Extra money

I made about $90 my first night. I love it! I’m hook!! Thanks UBER eats!

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