Uber Driver App Reviews

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Worked so far

Worked so far for one long ride for me. Hopefully it will continue working properly. 4 stars always room for improvements, bug fixes if there are any etc. Also, would like to see an easy contact method for uber support through the app.

Worse than the other driver app I have had!

The worst thing about this app is that on the top of screen it shows you the second turn or move that you will have to do, that reduces your concentration on the first turns.

Very bad frozen and crashed app

This app is driving me crazy. It always get frozen and crashed. I touched many times but nothing happened. Very slow app.

Night mode

Needs a Night mode ASAP Not only when navigating, but App needs to have a night mode itself No need to light up the whole car at night Please fix this problem

Gas prices

The fares need to reflect the current gas prices. The gas is 2.79$ in Connecticut and that’s a cheap one. So some rides I’m actually losing money. Something needs to change and it’s not worth it and that hurts you the company

Two reviews in one day???

I'm trying to pay bills and it's not very cool that in the middle of my UberEATS delivery the app started bugging out. And it made me restart. After restarted by I realized I can't choose deliveries only. Unless you moved it somewhere else but that feature should not be taken off

UberPool is theft/App always malfunctioning

UberPool is highway robbery...literally. Being stuck in rush hour traffic for 45 minutes and making $3.75 per rider is purely insane. The app is ALWAYS malfunctioning...ALWAYS.

Don’t drive Commute!!! You won’t get paid

I even called support to resolve the issue and they claim to have no record of the trip. And this was only my 2nd time using commute. Don’t risk your time. It will end up costing you money.

Gps is not always accurate

On several occasions while on my way to a rider pick up location the GPS has taken me to a completely different address. Two of these times the riders gave me bad feedback resulting in a one star review. I reached out to Uber and they told me sometimes there are technical difficulties but to report them every time it happens so it may be fixed in the future. I wish there was something they could do for my bad reviews in the meantime… I just have to keep taking as many rides as possible to get my score back up.

Uber App is improving.(San Jose, California)

The Uber app is improving. Now it's just need to fix the overlapping boost for UberEats deliver and regular boosting. Sometimes in different cities, there will boost for UberEats but also it would overlap the current boost. I think it would be confusing for drivers.

Review the APP not the idea

This app just froze again. Pops up an error and I receive a ding for not accepting a ride request. A 15 year old needing a school project could do a better job with this app. Uber has time to send political statements. Yet no one to help with the tech. For the App and support, one star is to high. Your canned offer is an insult to people that have never used the app. Contacting Uber help.com or twitter dm just starts a thread that never ends. Looks good here, acting like you are concerned and surprised. Fact is Uber has no real support and has no intentions or need to start. One major difference this rating and the five star system Uber uses; rider and driver neither one need to tell anyone why the rating is high or low. Developers can not even figure out how to add that field. September 20, 2017 Got an update, with no warning or explanations, and more problems. Contact "HELP" in the app. Canned response Blames my phone service provider. Uber once again tells me how to reset and re-install the app. ......Hey Uber!!!! The problem is the update not the phone!!! You are farming to much information for the navigation to function correctly. And for those that can not help them self.....this rating is for the APP.....NOT THE COMPANY.

Great hands down.

The small things like push notifications and updates are extremely dreamless and very easy to notice. Also, the income opportunities are honestly limitless. I give two thumbs up. 👍🏾👍🏾

I want to advertise

I want to be able to share Uber news with my social media friends.

Love it.

Great company. Every day more and more people will be using UBER like transportation. Every day less car owners.

Uber needs to pay its top drivers more.

I've seen a lot of low rated drivers and feel there should be some system in place that rewards high rated drivers. Also because of ubers long standing no tip policy most riders still don't tip no matter how good a driver you are.

Freezing app

Guys you need optimize the app with ios 11 (freezing in main map)

Here & There

App works fairly well but it does crash and lock up occasionally. Navigation is fair but could use some improvement as it tends to take the long way to the pick up and occasionally takes you to the wrong location. Overall Uber is a fun way to make a few $$$ and meet some interesting people at the same time.


Stole of travel, a complete trip then an error occurs and they do not pay it, when the claim is made they ask for information that one can not see since the system does not allow it.

Navigation needs lots of work

Navegation needs improving, or up to date traffic , and street closings

Get rid of the quest and just give us what we deserve

I feel like doing all these quest is like playing a game to level up. If you have the ability to implement the time and location where it will be busy to get paid earn more, you have the ability to just pay every driver that amount anytime. Remember if the customer wants to use your service they will need to spend if is affordable or not. Just think of the time waiting for the bus and you have to be on a certain time not to missed your ride.



Glitch with accepting new riders

The only issues I have had is that sometimes when I try to accept a rider the app doesn't recognize that I have tapped to accept and then I get the pop up message about being online and not accepting trips. It's an annoying glitch that will hopefully be ironed out soon.

Poor navigation App

The navigation is not functioning correctly all the time, sometimes it would just take me one block of going straight to pick up the rider, but the app showed me to take a big round turn to pick up the rider. I hope the tech support team will look into it and fix this problem. Also, when it showed you to take the toll bridge to make the trip faster and shorter; it is great that they pay the toll, but when you pay the toll the bill you will have to add $2 more for paying by mail, I don't know if I want to buy a good to go pas as I am not driving on that route everyday. Other than that, Uber driver is a good company to work if you want to make more money in your free time. If you want to make Uber Driver as your full time job, you would want to have a hybrid car or an electric car. You also want to consider how your car would look like after 2 or more years of driving miles and miles everyday.

Good to work for but needs improvement

The gps is not the greatest it is laggy and sends me to the wrong place often.The app crashes frequently when trying to accept new trips while still in one. However I am always busy when I am working with Uber here in Denver. These minor fixes could really help a lot. Also maybe prompt for more tips, many users do not understand the tipping process. I feel like a solid update would really make things go smoother in the app to help us drivers out!

Great App; Suggested Improvements

Since this is an app review and not a company critique, let me say, first of all, that I LOVE the Uber opportunity. I'm currently a stay-at-home mom unable to work outside of home for several reasons, so Uber gives me the chance to contribute to my family financially on the flexible schedule that works for our family. I've been a driver for 1 1/2 years so I've had the chance to experience the partner app for quite some time. As a techy person myself, I must say that I appreciate all the hard work that has gone into programming this app. It's pretty versatile and contains most of the information we need in one place to make our driving experience as smooth as possible. Of course, it's not perfect, but I like the effort the programmers make to constantly update it and address any issues that arise. As for suggestions, I personally prefer the Uber Nav versus leaving the app to use Google Maps or Waze. Not only because I get to stay within the app, but I found that as I get closer to my destination the other apps became very vague with turn-by-turn directions but Uber Nav is usually more precise. I agree with other reviewers that landmarks and/or names of businesses would help tremendously when arriving for a pickup. There are times I will have the Google app open and will quickly try to search the address to figure out which building I am looking for. BTW, the new feature where the rider is able to update the pickup location the closer I get to the pickup location either doesn't seem to be working or the riders aren't aware of how to use this feature. If this feature actually works and updated us with the above suggestions, that would make our lives so much easier. What would be even better is if the navigation did it automatically as we neared any pickup/drop off location. 😃 The only thing that drives me crazy about the app is having to rate each rider right after dropping them off while the rider has more time to ponder over the rating they want to give me. I find it especially annoying when I'm juggling several thought processes at the same time, trying to complete the trip, wave good-bye, accept the next request, figure out which direction to head for the next pickup, etc. so I end up clicking on any rating (usually a 4 or 5) only to find out later that some rider gave me a lesser rating. I wish that I could swipe the rating for such times to rate later or be able to go back and change the rating for certain riders. I used to only give 5 stars to riders who tipped and most others got a standard 4 stars if they were pleasant and less if not. Now that people are able to tip much later after a trip ends, I would like to be able to go back and change the rating or rate the rider at a later time as mentioned above. There have been a couple of times where I nearly missed a turn because the rider was talking so much to me then they end up writing a bad review after I rate them well based on the conversation or other. I wish that I could reply to their report so that Uber would know what caused the issue. Now that some reviewers have mentioned it, it does seem like riders get more input than us drivers get. 😕 Along those lines, I wish that we had more information about the riders as they have about us. Even riders are surprised to find out that all we receive about them is their first name and address. It would be helpful if we could see at least their profile pics for that would help us when picking up people, too. Granted, the person requesting the trip may not always be the person(s) we may end up picking up, but it would be nice in many cases, especially for airport pickups when everyone has their phones out and are looking up and down from their phones waiting for their rides. It would help us figure out which person is ours. My only complaint about the company is that I wish Uber shared their fares more fairly with drivers than the 51/49 I notice in many cases. The Uber app is only a piece of software that serves as a dispatch system. Your drivers are the ones who are sacrificing their personal vehicles, time, and safety toward the company's successes. We can only earn on one trip at a time while Uber earns money on several vehicles at the same time. Wouldn't it be more fair to give your drivers better incentives and rewards? After all, how would Uber even make money without drivers?


I filled out all the info on the app very personal stuff and I submitted it and now it is froze on a ty screen and won't let me do anything other than sign in and out of the app. I even deleted and redownloaded the app and it isn't working.

Change Notes Please!

Could we get actual change notes please, instead of the generic “Thank for” blah blah blah. Even if you put “Under the hood improvements to Locations” or something gives us a better idea of what you are “making better” with the update without giving away y’alls roadmap to the competition.

Don't be fooled 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️

I really dislike being fooled by a reputable company, I recently got my DMV/TLC license and when I went through the signup process with one of their hubs I found out I couldn't work for Uber due to not having sufficient driving history after I shelled out more than $500. I believe this should be said in the Uber office before starting the process, now I'm down in the dumps with a piece of plastic I can't do nothing with!

Driving with Uber

On 8/10/20 I applied to drive for Uber.. I have submitted all paperwork required.. received notices that I have been approved and will be notified shortly... I have been in twice to the sprint location I signed up and still waiting.. what's more disappointing is I took an Uber last night and both drivers said they just signed up and started..really? Response to uber... I don't understand where to send you something.. there is no email contacts on any of your sight! Frustrating!!! Update.. thanks for getting back to to me ! Hopefully this process will speed up!!!

Maps not working properly

Google Maps not always available when giving rides. It's still happening more frequently

Uber Driver App

I live driving for Uber. I meet nice people and see new places. The app steadily improves with better features with each update. Great job Uber!


So I have been having the SAME EXACT issues as "BAD REVIEW" in L.A.! Every time I get "dinged" for a trip, I quickly tap it. The trip disappears from the screen and the map reappears, as if I've completely missed the "call"! ....no wait! I DID MISS IT! I am wasting my time online, burning up my battery life because I can't even accept trips! I'm losing out on money AND the riders have to wait LONGER for a ride due to having to wait longer for the next closest person to get the trip! This is WRONG all the way around! And I have sent messages several times through the Driver app & it's ALWAYS the same frickin AUTOMATED replies!!!! I am NOT a computer! Not EVERY message to you guys can be solved by: "follow these steps to fix your issues..." I know how to read the "Help" section and if those things WORKED, I wouldn't be wasting time I could be making money by messaging you, now would I?! I have ALSO been told to Close the app out and restart it, log out and log back in, delete the app and re-download the app....I did ALL of those and NOW my app looks exactly how it did before any of the last updates occurred and STILL having the same unresolved issues!


Very good

No phone

Accidentally picked up the wrong rider today because when I asked if he was such and such he said yes. Wouldn't have been an issue if the phone feature was working, since I attempted to call the rider before the other gentleman claimed to be him.

Good and helpful

Very reliable and helpful . Good in practice.

Some improvements needed

Been driving for a few weeks now. So far it's very worth it. However, the app itself needs a little work that goes beyond convenience; it can actually save a life. 1) map voice volume needs a control. Currently it's binary: on or off. But the voice is loud! When playing music at a comfortable level for riders it's jarring when all of a sudden a voice FAR louder than the music says "IN TWO MILES TURN LEFT." We should be able to select a volume level for the navigation voice. 2) the actual profess for how the app determines directions is faulty a LOT. Not one single day have I not had the app do at least one of the following: a) tell me to turn left at a street that is right turn only. b) tell me to make a turn on a street that does not connect (like telling me to turn onto a street that's an overpass and doesn't connect to the highway I'm on). c) directing me onto a street that is separated from the one I'm on by 50 feet of grass, field, curb, or inaccessible parking lot. Does it expect me to mount the curb and drive over someone's lawn? d) this one could have been fatal. The app, when driving at night, directed me to turn left on the next street after exiting a freeway, only to find that the "street" it picked was an unfinished overpass that abruptly ended with a row of cones and a 60 foot drop to the freeway below. WHY does the mapping app show streets that don't even exist?! 3) the app needs a nighttime mode for the main screen in addition to the navigation screen. Considering the phone is in the driver's field of vision, having that white screen (even on dim) suddenly appear after completing a fare that closes the navigation map (which is set to night mode) is blinding. More later as I drive more. Thanks!

Driving with Uber

Great source of income for a newly single parent of 2. Wish we could have more incentives during different times of the week and be paid for our high ranking. I'm really thankful for being able to drive with Uber.


Very easy to use !


Gps needs to be updated

App accuracy sometimes fail.....

The app is very easy to use, friendly and all in one. In accuracy method sometimes is away for 100 feet. Rider request pick up at resort with building at 150' fron highway and the gps drives you to a point in the highway in front of the rider, not to the building. So far excelent!!!


Uber fails to mention or even advertise, drivers need at least 2-3 years to be eligible for partner cars! Not to mention that they don't explain this anywhere! I also forgot to mention that each partnership dealer ask you to pay a fee to research your driving history. #Horrible #NotInformative #Uber

It works

If there was an all in one work/pay/GPS & lead finder app this is the one. Easy and it works. Any stars below 4 is wrong. For what this app truly does it meets the bill. Besides if you want to drive for Uber you have to use this app so, BAAM, that right there meets the bill.

Make it easy to upload docs!!

Uber needs to make things much smoother! It is very difficult to up load documents! Specially when it come to insurance renewal!! Lyft is so easy that's why I love working for them Uber on the other hand makes things harder for the driver ... step yo game up

Long Distance riders

One of your reviews below talked about she wish she knows a head of time the drop off distance because she wasn't able to talk to her husband and that he was worried. This is a valued issue because late at night on the dark roads most times our families may not know where we are. For the safety of our drivers that should be a addition to the app before something tragic happen to one of your drives that a simple modification to the app could have fixed.

Closer rider found

When a "Closer rider found" pops up, it would be nice for the driver to have the option of accepting it or not. There are way too many variables involved in this for the app to make the choice for you.

Terrible rating system

You're completely on your own the best advice I have is if somebody indicates they are unhappy in anyway if you're not going to cancel the ride immediately ask them to take a picture of their drivers license you have a way to at least file a lawsuit. I guess Uber wants a bunch of defamation lawsuits to help them understand the urgency of remapping the rating system completely. For a company that prides itself in anti-hate propaganda they allow passengers to facilitate hatred toward Drivers who simply want to follow the rules and be safe. Number one piece of advice cancel rides no matter what the issue is if you don't feel like everything is going perfectly it's your only chance to avoid a one star rating.

Thumbs Up

Great app! Only issue I've had was loss of service in a few rural areas.

Great ride share app

This app is a lot better than others I have tried.

Signing in

I signed up and According to the website, I'm cleared but on the app, it keeps bringing up the "thank you for submitting your application" page or whatever with the YouTube video I watched like 4 times.


Forgot my email locked me out today I've driven for 3 years , it linked to rider account and won't recognize my account

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