Uber Driver App Reviews

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Not happy with GoBank

I’m having a issue with my GoBank debit card with the overdraft and my card somehow got hacked and is -$200.61 when I never asked for the $100 overdraft they claimed Uber put on card and I asked Uber to remove that overdraft feature from my card and my demand is not met

The comments “LOL”

I think the app is very easy to use and don’t understand how half the ppl that commented had such problems using it. Pickups aren’t always the apps problem, riders do enter the wrong pickup location and sometimes when riders request rides they use the “from current location” button which sometimes doesn’t show them their true current location and they are quick to blame the app.. have if you maybe using cheap phones or phones from companies who don’t provide good service... that will indeed have a hick up when running the app... also drivers should make sure they are driving with the WiFi turned off... if WiFi is on I noticed my app would stall because my phone would try to tap into a close WiFi connection then break phone internet service... the app is easy to use, how much more simple do some of you need it?

Not Good

The Uber app is buggy. The GPS is inaccurate, making it difficult to do my job. The “help line” is completely useless when faced with an actual issue. I’m curious to see if this company can get itself together

Consecutive trip boost

Twice in the past week, I’ve been 2/3rds of the way through a consecutive trip boost when the trip boost has disappeared. The first time it was right after I accepted a ride, and I received an error message, the trip was gone, and my boost was gone. Tonight it just disappeared off my screen, after two hours and seventy miles of driving. Contacting support is pointless, they never correct it when a boost doesn’t pay.

Poor customer support service

It has been almost 5 days asking problem to resolve but still pending. I don’t get trip option on my app and I do everything what uber says but problem not resolved

Horrible App

Like one review said, this app keeps getting worse and worse. I get request can’t accept them. App doesn’t calculate my trips correctly. I’ve caught so many it’s not even funny. Just imagine the trips I didn’t catch. I know I’ve missed out on a lot of money because of this app. They GOT TO DO BETTER! Fail

Uber steals, lies and denies.


Miss the old functions

Where to start. I miss the function where you able to control what drives you want to take. Such as, doing regular trips and deliveries. I loved that I had the option to opt of it when I simply didn’t feel like doing it. Now I have to or my ratings go down which is a huge bummer. Secondly, I miss the way it showed how we wanted to get paid. Simply tap cash out and that was that. Now I feel I have to do so many extra steps !

Cancellations/ Uber support

Garbage policy; I’ll elaborate. My experience with a rider- drove 20 minutes out of the way to go pick up a rider, rider was somehow confused on what he was doing and did not need the trip. So instead of immediately canceling, he waited until I got all the way to his house to discuss the situation which obviously lead to a cancelled 45+ trip. Being I was out in the middle of no where, I drove back to where I started when I got his request, which equals to 40 mins total time lost with no cancellation fee assessed. I called Uber driver support to only be BSd the entire time about the standard cancellation fee. And of course Uber takes 25% for whatever reason for that. So you’re left with $3.75... what my biggest concern and principal is that I’m given 3.75 for 40 mins worth of my time because of a screw up on the riders side. OH and the best part, I asked to talk to an Uber support supervisor to further discuss the matter and I was told that “they’ll call me back.” Well on other issues where I’ve had to call Uber support 3-4 times to get any issue resolved, it never resulted in someone’s empty promise of a call back. Every single time I call support and ask for a supervisor, they’re always “busy.” There are plenty of reps there that have no idea what they’re doing or what to say other than a script. The supervisor gets on the phone and tells me that he can only assess the 3.75 because Uber, unlike its competitor (Lyft) does not give anymore regardless of distant or time involved.


After 2 weeks waiting to drive for Uber and doing Lyft in my spare time along with postmates I didn’t pass the background check for Uber . How ?! No more Uber eats, or Uber. Thanks for nothing.


I been going back and forth with costumer service just to get two things done for over 2 weeks. They say they deposited my money but never did They gave me a tracking number i call the bank giving them the number. They never received it. Another thing i did 5 jobs and it only shows on my app i did two on their side it shows i have 40 on my side 20 worst costumer service ever!


The navigation voice sounds unnatural and the gps is delayed at turn by burn. Home screen is also cluttered with widgets

Work for Uber!

working for uber only puts many miles to your car, you spend tires, gas and the payment does not equal anything, besides you must pay the taxes, I do not like uber !!

Driving for 6 months

Truly saddens me when theres no surge. 9 cents a min and 93 cents a mile isnt worth the gas / preventative care etc.. you end up walking away with like chump change for long and hard hours.. Most days i can walk away with 300 for 8 hours. Uberx Learn to manipulate surge!!

9/10 times food is never ready

Doing Uber eats is frustrating in the busy areas of Miami. 9/10 times the food is never ready. McDonald’s is notorious for this. Sometimes I wait 20 minutes and I have to cancel the order. Sometimes I drive 10+ minutes to get there, wait another 10-15 minutes for the food to be ready and not a single minute is compensated for that. Uber will always be the selfish, grimey, sex scandal company I know. Especially when Uber BRIBED hackers hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep quiet when their database was breached. Yesterday, a woman was KIDNAPPED and taken to a hotel room by an Uber driver and thank god she got away. What is Uber doing to keep us safe and happy? They’re too busy counting our money that’s what they’re doing. This is a terrible, disgusting company with no good reputation.

I can’t even get started

I’m new to Uber and I’ve updated my phone number and the Uber driver app is sending a verification code to my old phone number..

uber eats needs love too

you guys need to add a tip option BEFORE the transaction is complete as opposed to AFTER the food has been dropped off. people NEVER tip. also you guys need to add promotions for eats drivers like you have for drivers who do regular uber. we already make less, we are the ones who really need the promotion!

Miserable, greedy, inefficient company

One of the most unreliable apps that is required for working as ride-share operator in the App Store. App turns itself off randomly; freezes randomly; FREQUENT navigation errors: offers laughably inefficient routes; doesn't track miles travelled reliably, thereby cheating you of you're not rechecking their calculations. In a word: horrible app. Update: no body in their right mind should partner with Uber or Lyft. Why?! Here is just one reason: Due to a recent CA law requiring annual background checks for ride-share providers, I was informed that my account would deactivated pending review now that my background check had arrived and that said review would take 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS!!! There's nothing in my background report that has changed for good or bad. Can you imagine not being able to work for up to 7-10 days?!! Due to their gross inefficiencies and seemingly brainless application of policy I cannot recommend Uber as a reliable partner for business. Do so at your own risk

Uber Para Latinos Código T490ZK

Habré tus puertas al Futuro manejando para Uber en Español, comienza con mi Código T490ZK y habré caminos siendo tu propio jefe con esta maravillosa Plataforma, Gracias...

Just okay. Crashes alot

The app just crashed on me twice once with a rider in the car and once the moment i accepted a rider (i had to turn my phone off and on while i was driving) and then it just greyed out on my phone and i had to redownload it. How is it that instagram and FB never crash but instagram cant invest in good software to keep it running while there are strangers in uber drivers cars.

Voice over directions poor quality

The directions cut out and are to low for anyone to hear them. I do not want to look at my phone to endanger my rider. Is there anyway to fix this?


I’m not sure if I’ve missed an update but we used to be able to specify pickups and/or ubereats. Whatever’s different, I’m not able to specify which is unreasonable. I’m not able to pick people up right now so the change or glitch is losing me money. Been with a Uber for 3 years next month with no major problems but to make something better just to take it away is problematic.


Hi 👋 I just wat to say thanks. For the opportunity job. I really love to work with Uber 👍🏼👈🏼.


Just Terrible. In app support is a joke and they will leave messages unanswered for 72 hours if not longer. Avoid this disgusting unethical shady dump of a business.

A better provider

Uber has been one of the jobs I started as a bet with one of my relatives. Today I take pride driving with uber part-time. I provide for my family and make sure the passengers get to there destination safely.

And who developed this program for Uber?

Such a feeling that it was done by some amateur programmer who made it for free !!! The map does not work correctly, sometimes you have to wait when the map shows the route. Passengers always complain that the Uber map always chooses the longest route. Why should we rate the passengers at once and they give us a few days !? Such a feeling that Uberu indifferent to his drivers!


Drivers don’t have any protection about their rating, riders can have a bad day, rate you 1star, there is nothing you can do about it. Support takes forever to anwser your call. Pay in Miami FL is a shame, they raise riders fare but not Drivers fare. It only works as a way to pay your bills while unemployed. There is no way to feel worst backed up by a company than they way they do it.

Won't send me verification code

The app won't send me the 4 digit verification code so I can start driving.

45+ trips

For some reason the app is repeatedly telling me it’s a 45+ minute ride and it ends up being about 24. One day I had 5 or 6 back to back 45+ minute notifications and neither was. Also, what’s with the surge turning off as we actually approach the surge area. Seems pretty petty on your guys part. This happens constantly. I’ll literally be in the middle of a surging 2-3+ area and it gives me a request that 15 minutes out of the surge area. No shame by Uber.

Don’t fall for the refer a friend crap

I got screwed with the bonus that you get for referring a friend I was at my friends house when he signed up he used my code but after his 40th ride surprise surprise I didn’t get the bonus they said he used a different code and went to some foreign dude how did he use another code when I put it in for him and it was through the driver app and since I have no proof I don’t get the bonus same thing happened to my buddy when I used his code he got screwed out of it too dear uber don’t promise something if you can’t deliver on it I don’t need the bonus to drive for uber I’ll do it on mine own just don’t try to scam people to sign up and not give a bonus for the people we’re referring and uber pool is a joke I drive a mini van I can’t afford to take uber pool rides sometimes by the time your done it’s an hour of your time and you only made 18 bucks but 6 or more goes to gas not worth it there needs to be an option for xl vehicles to turn the pool off I have no problem doing uber x rides but the pool rides are a waste of my time and money added response to uber I already talked to you guys I went to the nearest uber station and called you guys and said there was nothing you can do for me so it’s a waste of my time to further contact you I love driving for uber but you guys are scamming people about the refer a friend

Can’t get on in WV

Can’t get on the app

Ups and Downs

Well first let me start by saying I make great money most days doing deliveries but they don’t reimburse for tolls they don’t even give you the optionTo choose a different route I was frustrated because they had me take a five dollar and 20 something sent toll and I didn’t I wasn’t reimbursed for it I didn’t complain after they refuse to give it backBecause I felt as though I make a decent amountBut seriously someone needs to really fix that glitch in the GPS situation is really crappy they sent me down this dark abandon road that was closed off and they demanded that I went down that road and Magent it was late at night so I’m like oh no I’m not going down there other than that like I said I make awesome money but there are some glitches that need to be taken care of me while I never got reimbursed for that five dollar toll

Trying to log back in my old account and I have to get reapproved

It has been two business weeks and I still haven’t been approved to work yet neither have I received the email that I’m not approved or approved

Lover it

Thank you uber


I can’t switch from Uber’s eats to uber on iPhone there’s nothing on the corner of my screen but my friend as it and can switch of from between the 2

Driver Gilbert

I been on line since Tuesday and haven’t received one request. When I call support they tell me everything looks ok. They tell me that they have manually corrected the issue and that I should delete the app and reinstall in 15 minutes. I’ve done this three times and I continue to have the problem. They sent me instructions on what to do and those institutions are not correcting anything. This is very frustrating and unprofessional. Lyft is much more responsive to drivers.

My app is freezing

My app is freezing on my last trip and don’t want let anything like « cancel »or complete the trip »

Great app

I normally do not write reviews, however for this I will. This is a great app! It has helped me and my family obtain extra cash. My only suggestion is to have the app integrated to work with Apple CarPlay.


The navigation is off. There are many places where it will loop you to nowhere. Last night it tried to turn me onto a road that has been blocked by a University for over 10 years. It also kept crashing. I tried to call tech support. I wouldn’t mind talking with someone from the states every now and then. They don’t pick up on what you are saying very quickly. I do like driving for Uber but the app is not good.

Apartments pick up location

Nothing too serious i have problems with but one major fix is the pick up location for apartments. No matter the location of apartments: uber, google and waze gps apps always give me the pick up location too the back streets of apartments. Please fix.

1 star missing for each major issue.

I read the legal mumbo jumbo, my ideas and requests now belong to you. Doesn't bother me. I just want to make an honest living but now everyone else gets to see this review. 1st and most important is the programming for deciding who gets a request for a trip. My biggest problem with this, by far, is McDonalds. In a major city/suburbs, we know there's one every couple of blocks or miles which means the customer requesting the delivery has chosen the closest restaurant and therefore lives within approximately 15 feet of where I'm picking up the food (obvious exaggeration but not by far). Since I don't get paid for my miles or time to said restaurant, why would I possibly be getting trips to a McDonald's 15 to even 25 minutes away when I'll only make $3-5 before tip, and come on, they ordered McD's for a reason... I ain't getting a tip. The amount of time it takes me to get to the restaurant should be directly correlated to the amount of time it will take to get to their home or place of business. Btw, McDonald's has been terrible at having orders ready in my experience. Waiting 10+ minutes in some cases and at such point, even giving up by cancelling because it's so ridiculous with no clear end in sight. They seem to be terrible at dealing with Uber... McDonalds is quite likely a major profit for Uber but should be dropped as a business completely in my opinion. As a driver, I hate the experience almost every time and have such chosen to cancel any trips that involve them since I can't tell ahead of time... as wrong as that may seem. Enough bad experiences enable doubt. A tip to all you drivers out there... cancel McDonalds, make money. It's simple. My second issue is destination trips while on just eats. When I'm a half hour or more from home in a major city, there's no way it should take long to get me a trip that takes me closer to home but alas, I've not once gotten a trip when I have a destination set. I can sit for 15+ minutes or simply drive home and get nothing. I'm not sure if it's a local problem ( for example, just my device) or a more serious problem like a flaw in the design. A friend of mine also claims no success with the feature. Those issues all being made clear, I can make a living wage. But truly only by canceling McDonalds. They cost me time and money and I'm so far from okay with that. Uber, if you're listening, drivers make more money and I imagine you do too when it's not a 20 minute drive for an ice cream that's a two minute walk to the customer.

Stop now

I have over 35 years in this industry and have qualified as an iTunes provider. I cannot recommend this app without substantial changes. To the coding and to the support. I’m surprised it’s available in this store. Despite the recent presentation there must be two things before this can be considered effective: direct accountability by a LIVE OPERATOR given the authority to fix problems, driver community support. The app doesn’t present needed, available incentive information before choosing. It’s navigational system in some cities is dangerous to follow. The community of support, learning and history is missing. It’s hard to understand that a sampling of 500 drivers represents millions of drivers and delivery partners. How UBER is accountable to you as much as you are accountable to them and your customers. The fee to them has yet to be justified in my mind, yet it is as absolute as their support and direction isn’t. You may find an acceptable situation in your town. But be thorough in your research. Talk to others. Try building a community on your own. Or do it for pure profit. But at this point you will be alone, under constant scrutiny and given little direction. And before another note from the developers see if they provide a phone number. Notice how my request to review a PHONE CALL is met with response BY TEXT. Everything’s noted in the account. You will have minimal support as a delivery partner. Drivers may have different mileage.


The GPS on this app is absolutely terrible it constantly looses itself it’s always trying to send you through public alleys or unknown streets and is always delayed or just doesn’t even know where it is

Thank you uber for the opportunity .

Thanks again.

Difference in apps

Same versions of this app look different on my phone when compared to my husband's phone, while using the same operating platform. Updates come infrequently, yet the app tells you to check each week to see updates.

Long distance match, PLEASE FIX!!!

I found a problem at this version, usually match me a long distance pick up like 8 miles, 10 mils. And also for delivery, even sometimes give a 15 miles delivery pick up. That really doesn’t make sense . ————————————————— Updated: Today I got 5 delivery quest in a row, which are 20 mins away, at least 15 miles. What’s wrong with uber??? PLEASE FIX !!!! The long distance pick up is really annoying, if don’t accept, it will decrease acceptance rate, on the other hand, there is no significance to accept. UBER must fix that! —————- The long distance pick up problem I mentioned few months ago, now it’s still happening. Uber support always reply the copy paste “answer”, they just don’t care.


Ever since they have updated this already crappy app it has only gotten worse. Why doesn’t it let you filter your driving area anymore?? There’s certain areas I don’t want to drive to but I no longer have that option. I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall as I’ve read... still nothing!!

Please don’t dispatch us more then 7 minuets

I wish you charge the dead head mile for the pick up

Update date?

When is the new update over haul coming out?


Last night I was on for a total of 5 hours at least and received not one single ride request. I called the support line to find out what was wrong and they were completely oblivious, ignorant, and obviously reading from a pre written response script with no common knowledge of the app to begin with. I’ve been driving every weekend since being stationed in VA Beach and have never had this issue before. This issue, the lack of knowledge per your support staff, and the result of me wasting an entire night making no money is UNSATISFACTORY to say the least. When you’re good you’re good and the money is good, but, when you guys are bad you are God awful.

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